Sound On Sound Magazine Reviews the 1Q73

Our premiere product, the 1Q73 preamp, continues to make its rounds among the influencers and opinion makers in the music industry. This time, it has caught the eye of Sound on Sound, the venerable British publication dedicated to all things music technology.

In the “pros and cons” section of his review of our preamp, Sound on Sound writer Bob Thomas’ pros list includes “superb sonic performance”, “vintage and modern voicing options”, and “useful additional features, while the list of cons is rather short, simply stating “none”. As a summary, he states the following:

“Combining a close recreation of the original Neve 1073’s sound with other vintage and more modern-sounding voicing options, the 1Q73 is an extremely impressive and rather special preamp.”

We wish to thank Sound on Sound on such a glowing review and for providing some public space to a small company from Serbia. Now it’s time to convince the rest of the world!