Sonic Dune Featured at the 16th Taktons Competition

Each year, sometimes towards its end, our hometown city of Novi Sad plays host to an event that doesn’t necessarily register strongly among the broader public, but represents a major event for the regional community of audio professionals.

The annual Taktons sound recording competition takes place between November 22 and November 25 for the 16th time. The event gathers some of the most talented, knowledgeable and skilled audio engineers using the latest advancements in audio technology in order to achieve the highest sonic quality possible.

The event also incorporates an expo, displaying the best and the latest in audio technology and equipment. We are proud to say that Sonic Dune takes an active part in both aspects of the event. Not only are we taking part in the expo with our 1Q73 joined by a few of our prototypes, but one of the Sonic Dune team members is actually competing (good luck, Vladimir!).

We are reveling the chance to show off our work in front of the greatest regional industry professionals. If you happen to be near Novi Sad at the time of the event, feel free to stop by and see our devices first-hand.