Presenting the Brand New Q4-73


After months of tinkering, fine tuning, testing, and some additional tinkering, we are finally proud to present the second addition to the Sonic Dune roster – the Q4-73!

The Q4-73 is the big brother to our 1Q73. It comes with 3 switchable EQ bands (+-16dB cut and boost), D.I. and a Line to Mic impedance converter. Essentially, the Q4-73 is a complete 1073 EQ set with added filters from the legendary 1084. We equipped the Q4-73 with an ITSLoad, as well as a selective output transistor function. The Q4-73 comes with a massive external PSU based on the genuine 33605 (bcm-10 console PSU) – a big step towards a true vintage sound. Also, with a massive 5A rating, power will never be an issue.

We can’t wait to present our latest piece of music gear magic to the world. If you’d like to hear Q4-73 in action, drop us a line at to see if we can arrange a presentation.